Be a blessing. Use your time wisely. 

Be a blessing. Use your time wisely. 

It does not hurt you or me at all to give a smile, a kind word, a listening ear. What it costs is time. I would like to state that we waste so much time doing things that we think are important and do not have enough time for the things and people who really are. Think about it. TV, favorite shows, Social Media, shopping, etc. These are all good things, yet could we shave some time in these areas to be a blessing? I say yes!

I stop at times and say “Lord, help me to spend my time wisely”. I want to make sure I’m not rushing to something that doesn’t matter and I make time to be a blessing. 

Recently, I heard if a friend who has fallen ill. I wanted them to know I loved them and was praying for them. That took time. Time I needed to spend. They appreciated it. It blessed me to be a blessing. It will bless you, too!  What are you not making time for in your life? What can you remove so you can see where to be a blessing?

This is a short post but one where I want to challenge us all to do more with our less.

No time? Look closely. It’s in there.

Do It Anyway!