It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m ecstatic to be single.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m ecstatic to be single.

This may or may not relate to you, but I am thankful to not be in the wrong relationship. See, I was in one for three years and even though we celebrated Valentine’s Day, something was always “off”. Just wasn’t right. It wasn’t my forever live, but U tried to make it work. I am now, however, owning my new found freedom and choosing me over a relationship just for the sake of relationship. Now, it didn’t always feel that way, but the nice gifts and someone to do stuff with were motivation to keep trying to resuscitate a dead horse. Lol! Look, being single is not a punishment. It is life giving. Being married is a blessing for most and for some, it is sheer hell right now. What I’m saying is don’t skip one season to get to the next. All seasons have their ups and downs. Love on you right where you are. Enjoy your life right now . Travel , study new things, meet new people, make new friends , LIVE!!!

Having a boo, A bae, a man/woman is awesome when there is no drama or sorrow. Wait on your good thing. In the meantime, don’t let a commercial holiday make you feel small. Go on and live. Get the girls/guys together and go rollerblading, to a movie, shopping, have a cookout (if it’s cold where you are a dinner party), chat, play board games, etc. Just don’t pine away today eating chocolate and missing out on your life! Thinking right isn’t good enough. I know my mate better be somewhere living and enjoying his life. Why would I want a sourpuss for a mate? Get it?

You are amazing, and one day someone will see that. Until then, love on you and have the time of your life. Do t forget you have a purpose for being here and it’s not just to marry and have babies.

Being single is hard sometimes.

Do It Anyway!