Are you a Joseph? 

Are you a Joseph? 

Sometimes, well let me stop lying, a huge part of my life, I’ve felt like there was MORE to me and for me. Feelings can be misleading. True. But, that isn’t this post. This post is my truth, and I believe you’ll see some of you in it as well. I’ve always sensed that I was greater and should be doing greater. Yet, I have not always walked in that calling or lived like it. But, no mas! I took a plunge to live for me, to have my best life, and to go where I felt destiny calling. Now, that transpired over a few years and is still in process. But, I want all of the “Josephs” out there to know that you can run, but you can’t hide from the purpose God has for you.

Better ain’t never hurt nobody! Truth is it takes courage to be more than you are right now. That is why I ask, ‘Are you a Joseph?” Hmmm. Deep, right!? Doesn’t have to be. Are you or are you not living in and on purpose? If not, why?

Joseph is a man in The Bible who had a dream. He shared his dream and was despised because of it. I can identify. When I wanted to learn and then teach Spanish, I got crazy looks and comments. I did it anyway! When I wanted my Masters, they said, “Don’t you already have a Spanish degree?” Yep! I did that anyway, too! When I said I wanted to blog, they said, “”What’s that?” Lol! Listen, you’ve got to stay on course and moving toward your destiny if you want to have your promise.

Joseph knew God told him in a dream he would be exalted and his brothers would one day bow to him. He messed up by sharing that. I’ve done that, too. Have you? But, his brothers did bow. They didn’t know it was their brother they had gotten rid of years before. Teaching point 1: Do not ever think that God gives up on His promises to you. If He said it, it’s coming! Teaching point 2: You need to be careful how you treat folks. Now, Joseph lost his youth due to being thrown in a pit by his brothers and being a slave in a foreign land, but he grew in those trials. Every one of his downs he came through. He trusted God. So, what trial are you in right now? If you know you’ve been given a vision of glory and your now doesn’t match it, keep pressing. Don’t give up. It’s coming!

“Are you a Joseph” is simply calling you to say yes to your destiny no matter how hard it is right now. Joseph rose to 2nd in command in all of Egypt. Now, that’s faith, favor, and fearlessness. Go on! Push through this season and don’t let go until you’ve arrived. Trust God for direction. He’ll give more than you imagined if you trust Him.

Do It Anyway!

What Does a Hard Time Have to Do with Flowers?

What Does a Hard Time Have to Do with Flowers?

This post is not about parenting per se. It’s about working on your life’s outlook. Having a great outlook helps you become a more balanced parent. Most importantly, this post is about not thinking your life is useless.

Life is crazy. It’ll throw a bad moment right behind a great triumph. It’ll seemingly place a moment in time (that seems to last forever) right behind. But, it is still so worth it. Life is hard. Life is scary, challenging, and gut-wrenching at times. But, it’s worth it. I hate when I hear people say they cannot do life or can’t take it anymore. The truth is that they can. What they should say is “I don’t want to endure this anymore”. But, we CAN take it and get past it and conquer it. Whatever it is. We’ve just got to get in the right space. If all one dwells on is negative then there will be no solution. You’ve got to think positive, wrap your mind around another idea. If you can’t, it’s time to get help from a friend who can look at it differently with less tired eyes. I’m not saying thinking positive will solve the problem, bring that person back, or pay your bills. But, it will help you get to a place of clarity and then only can you work on a better solution for you. But, life is worth it. You are worth it.

When times are good, we’re good. When times are bad, we fall apart. Why don’t we prepare for the inevitable? I don’t know. But, we need to remind ourselves when trouble comes to see life differently because life is beautiful. I challenge you to change the channel if it depresses you, change friends if they don’t support you, drop that love interest if they don’t love you. But see life as the beautiful, complex gift that it is. You only get one. Don’t let anyone or anything make you think less of your time here on Earth. You are unique and uniquely designed to soar. Life is not a bed of roses, but it sure sends the most beautiful bouquets from time to time. The bouquets are those sprinkled moments of joy that you have to experience for yourself. Keep living to see what delivery awaits you!

Life’s hard. Do It Anyway!