Take your kids places.

Take your kids places.

I know many of us are on budgets, and taking a big trip can be costly. So, my advice is to start small. I don’t know about your kids, but my boys are Boys with a capital B. It seems like no matter where we go, they act like teenage boys. Lol! I take them anyway. One day I know all that exposure will shape their world view. And I’m hoping to have non close-minded boys who respect others and appreciate the world they live in. That’s what we do as parents- we shape good people. It’s not easy, they push back, we parent anyway. The greatest job and the toughest right? 

When your kids start to drive you nuts, do like I used to do. When my babies cried, I distracted them. You know when your 8 month old wants to be held, they’re not wet, they just ate, and you’re cleaning the kitchen in from of them in their play pen. I would distract them with a song or a silly face, make them laugh and they’d forget to pout. So, when my boys are antsy, it’s time to get out and have some fun together.

I wish you could hear me laughing as I type this because I recall their antics as small boys and now as teens. I wish you could see my frustration when they are playing around instead of embracing the experience I worked very hard to plan for them. Yet again, I know they will be better for it. So, we go anyway! I try not to get caught up in how I think they’re valuing the experience. When I ask them later how they enjoyed the event, they say they enjoyed themselves. So parents, even when they aren’t listening to classical music and loving it the way you think they should (or like you are), they still appreciate you and the experience. It may never be their cup of tea and that is okay!

So, if you need ideas for low cost things to do to improve your kids’ outlook on life, knowledge base, appreciation of various cultures, and to keep your sanity, read on.

Places to consider taking your kids:

1. Multi-cultural fairs or events

I live in Dallas, so I have a lot of options. If you do not, consider taking an inexpensive day trip. These can have no fed to a small cost, they provide exposure just watching television won’t give them. Arts and crafts and music. All good stuff. You don’t have to be from that culture to go. 

2. Various outdoor and indoor markets (i.e. Farmers Markets, Hispanic or Asian markets, etc.)

Mine like to touch everything and I spend a lot of time giving them the side-eye (the I raised you better look). But, at least they learn about fresh food and healthy eating. Spring is coming. Look up one today and plan your outing. The kids are never to old for these!

3. Concerts, plays, shows (free and paid)

I especially like to take them to see African American plays that do not have a lot of antics so they can see we too are artistic. I find the nosebleed tickets (cause that’s what my purse allows) and we go. It’s the experience, not the cost. 

I also take them to see shows with a diverse cast. My goal is to discuss history with them and current events. Art is beautiful. I don’t care who makes it. Let’s enjoy it!

Also, some school plays have rivaled Broadway for me. So, do not discount local or even school shows as options. The key here is spending time. I’ll say it again. The key is spending time together. 

4. Nice restaurants 

I am a mess hater. I can’t stand food wasted on things. My youngest has not yet figured out that he leaves food in his wake. So I them table manners they’ll need for business lunches one day. (It has not yet worked, but I am not giving up. Lol!) I try anyway!

5. The beach 

If you are land-locked, you must touch the sand eith your toes. I took mine to Destin, Fl a few years back for less than $500. It’s called drive, shop online for a good hotel and a good price, take a cooler and pack snacks. I HAVE to save money. Know what I mean? So, if money is no object or you have a nice budget, use it. What kid doesn’t love water? I’ll wait. All of them do! 

6. Camps 

I leap at the chance to send mine to camps. Yes, I love them. Yes, I enjoy myself when they’re gone. No, I do not feel bad about that statement. You shouldn’t either. We need “Mommy Breaks” to be at our best! 

Most camps have scholarships- so ask before you say you can’t afford it. And payment plans exist. I of course recommend you do the due diligence  to make sure you trust the place and then work your plan.

I send mine to church camp and they have a great time. They’ve also done a science camp with their school. I like projects where they learn to help others so mine will be doing outreach this summer with a church camp. Again, I’m doing my part to raise well-rounded men. It may or may not go to plan, but I’m doing my part.

If you can afford camps, let your kids have those experiences. It will bless you and them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the post and got some ideas to take the kiddos out!

Talk to me below and share what you’ve done with your kiddos or add some other suggestions for us to use!