Single Moms Are Not Fathers

Single Moms Are Not Fathers

I used to gladly say I’m the mom and the dad. Now, I just want my boys to know I’m mom. Women who are single parents do it all, but we aren’t men. We need good men to mentor our boys. We are not men. We can do a great job raising our kids, but we are not men. I don’t want to devalue the position of men by pretending they are unnecessary because there are great fathers out there. I knew and know some. The family is under attack and the sooner we realize that it is our actions that lend to this problem, we can improve it. So, if you’re one of those women that proudly touts you’re the mom and dad, stop it. Let’s stop wishing ourselves Happy Fathers Day, as well. We’re women. We still want a man. We are not happy without a good man in our lives, so stop acting like you don’t need one and respect the good ones that come along.

Single parenting is really hard. We are strong women raising great kids. We will provide good men for them to emulate, but we are not men. Leave the light on and remove the ice from your heart, so a good man can come in. Talking about the one that won’t do will not change the fact that the kids are there and in need of your love, help, and support. Focus on that, loving you, and making your world go round. Pretty soon, you’ll attract the real love you seek.

You’re not a dad, but you’re and awesome mom!

Do It Anyway!