Why Budgeting is a Blessing

Why Budgeting is a Blessing

This week, I’ve decided to change my mind about budgeting. What an ugly word. Well, maybe not, but it makes me a little uneasy. It can be daunting to sit down and plan where the money’s going. It isn’t fun to gather all those documents and crunch numbers. But, I know I have to do it. I’ve survived by winging it, but I want to really live debt free.

To the point: Sometimes we feel the pressure to spend on our loved ones, on ourselves, or because there’s a good sale. We overspend and don’t quite budget until it’s too late. But, we must be responsible and balance for what comes after. Great gifts are nice, but the real question is “Was it necessary?”. Hmmmm? So, won’t our children, significant other, best friend, etc., be okay if we give them one good gift here and there and still remain fiscally responsible? Yeah, they will. And, we’ll have less stress trying to put meals on the table because we didn’t overspend.

I’m currently working on my budget as I type. I’m tired of having desires to be debt free and looking up six months later to find I’m off track. Again. Although I made some headway, I’m still behind target. Who needs that! So, I’m listening to Dave Ramsey and Michelle Singletary, two financial experts I trust and follow on Twitter.

As I write my budget, I remind myself that God is more than enough in every situation we face. He is food when we’re hungry, water when we’re thirsty, peace when we’re stressed. You get the picture. But, some things we put on ourselves. Budgeting is a blessing and something we can do to know where we and our money are going.

So, budgeting will:

1. Help you see where you’re spending
2. Adjust where you’re spending
3. See what habits are causing you to lose money
And most of all
4. Set you up for success now and in the future

Budgeting is hard. Do It Anyway- Kaydy