Just like music

Just like music

I like to write a lot about motivation. I’m just a motivated person. The thing I hate though is the blocks or barriers to creativity that inevitably come. We all have them at some point. So, one of the things I like to do to help me move past writer’s block, procrastination, and the like is to listen to music. I mean good music. Music of all kinds. You should try it!

I’m a huge Gospel, R&B, country, reggae, soul, neosoul, classical, contemporary, pop music fan. Did I leave anything out? Haha! The point is if you are experiencing any blocks, turn up the tunes, smile, and dance a little. Music is a great mood changer. Likewise, if you’re listening to sad love songs you won’t be knocking out deadlines because they make you linger in the past. Be cautious of what you allow to invade your atmosphere. Just a thought! 

I hope this post inspires you to crank up the tunes! I am getting my playlist ready right now! Thanks to Itunes, YouTube, Milk, and many others, music is at our fingertips. I’m so glad about it! 

Hey! Got some blocks? Feeling sad? Turn up the happy positive music and move!

Do It Anyway!

Go to jams:

1. Mary Mary “Go Get It”

2. Marvin Gaye “Just Like Music”

3. Bob Marley “Jammin”

4. Katy Perry “Roar”

5. Estelle “I am a Conqueror”

I reserve the right to misname a song and not double check the title. I love these artists and their music. 

What’s your current Top Five?