4 Steps to Pursuing Your Purpose

4 Steps to Pursuing Your Purpose

PurposeThe word purpose has been a buzz word ever since Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life. I mean I remember learning it in school and using it rarely, but oh my! when that book came out it was like cold milk on cornflakes- delicious! It was intriguing, soul-touching, thought provoking- an awesome book. But what is this post about? It’s about me simply encouraging you to find and pursue your purpose. We all have one. If you do not know yours yet, you should do a gift assessment test and some soul-searching. Most churches have their members take these so they can figure out where they can best serve. I know. Most of us are often are too busy to be alone with ourselves one minute to think about what we want. But, what we need is to do exactly that!

So, if you know what you were designed to do, great! Feels good. Right? But if you do not then here are four steps to get you walking out what you were made to do!

Step 1: Do the work to figure out what you are designed to do.

This is a step that only you can do. I encourage you to find some quiet time to be alone and be with you, yourself, and I. Ask yourself what makes you tick, what do you love to do, what would you do with no pay, and if you are already living and doing what you were meant to do. Next, if you are a believer like me, Ask God for direction. Jeremiah 29:11 says God has a plan for his children. A plan to prosper them and not to harm them. To give them a hope and a future (paraphrased). So, if you are like me then you want God’s blessing on your endeavors. Why not get His viewpoint before embarking? The only way to do that is to ask. How can you get the answer without spending time with Him? So, do the work of self-discovery, prayer, communing with God and preparing yourself for the answer. I say prepare because we’ve al heard the stories of people changing fields for purpose or moving and selling everything to follow their purpose. One thing we know is that if God is in it, it will be the best decision ever made. Enjoy this process and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know right away. Keep seeking and it will come. If God is in it, it’ll bless you.

Step 2: Give in to the call.

Once you know what it is you are to do, give in. I know I had a hard time accepting my purpose. I always knew from a young child that I would work in ministry, yet I’ve fought it for years. I now help in the Spanish ministry and it is an amazing feeling to know I’m helping people reach their goals of learning a new language and connect to Jesus in their language. I also get to walk in what I was meant to do. I knew I was a born leader and encourager, but I was an extroverted introvert. Lol! It’s possible. So, I had to give in to that persistent desire of my soul to help others. Maybe you are like me. You know you are supposed to be doing something, but for some reason haven’t started. Go on. Get started. You’re in for a powerful experience. Answer the call today. You’ll be glad you did.

Step 3: Start working even when you’re not ready

I and another lady wanted to teach a Spanish class. We didn’t have all the materials planned out but we had a plan. That’s all we needed. See, when you are in purpose, things will work out. We got started and had a huge turnout. We had time to get the program together before the first start day. But when we said yes, all we had was our desire to do it. We weren’t ready. We got ready after we said yes. The point is time won’t always wait for us. Opportunities come and go. Jump in their and help if you know God is leading you to do so. Perfection is a hold up. Get started helping as soon as you can. 

Step 4: Be open to new direction and inspiration.

We all have a purpose. That doesn’t mean you’ll have the same one your whole life. It may change or expand. Be open to new urges and sparks of creativity that say move in this direction. Prayer is an integral part of my figuring out where I need to be. So much of what I’ve accomplished is due to that feeling in my spirit that won’t subside. Following the regular route won’t do for that kind of passion. You have to chase it! So be open and go where you know you are supposed to be. Starting this blog was a part of my purpose. It has spiraled into many other opportunities that will come forth in the coming months. They all center in using what I am good at, what I am passionate about, and how they all work together to help others.

It is my hope that you have been encouraged to see what is next for you, what you were meant to do, and how you can begin to set about living your life’s purpose. What’s in you? Bring it out and Do It Anyway!


We Owe It To Our Kids

We Owe It To Our Kids

I’m in education and one of the things I see often in our youth is a sense of entitlement. I hear it from my friends and colleagues as we discuss our experiences. I hear it in my church, in the malls, out and about in life- I hear it. Kids today have strong sense of entitlement. We owe it to our kids to teach them how to survive on their own, to teach them life skills beyond what they get in school, to teach them to be appreciative of people and of what they have. I live in the U.S- the greatest country on Earth because we are FREE. Our kids should walk around knowing they are free and what a price people have paid and continue to pay for that freedom. They should not walk around oblivious to this freedom and allowed to think that they deserve to be spoiled and given an iPhone 5 “just because”. I mean, where did this start? Who started it? It is detrimental. The students say they do not need to learn because “My parents will buy me ____”, “My parents will pay for my ____”, etc. When will it end!? It won’t, unless WE do something.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy nice things for our children. I’m saying we have a problem when our children value those things over people, over relationships, over gaining knowledge, over us. So what if your child is not happy or throws a temper tantrum, we are called to shape them, guide them, grow them up to be responsible adults. We were not called to spoil and make them absolutely lazy that they depend on us far longer than they should. You know, the “failure to launch” kids. Those kids are at home because momma and daddy, mommy, or daddy did not lead them in the way that they should go. I am simply saying that teaching our children to value hard work is a necessary not a maybe. Teaching our kids to do their best ALL THE TIME is a necessary not a maybe. Teaching our kids respect is a necessary and not a maybe.

We owe it to our kids to be the best we can be and to teach them that working to be their very best has honor, has value, is their destiny. Doing anything else is mediocrity at best. I cannot stand mediocrity. Growing up lower class (catch that), I had a problem with mediocrity. I knew that just because I didn’t have the best of everything did not mean I wasn’t capable of doing my best (My grandmother instilled that early on). I pass this on to my boys. I refuse to let my children lose by temporarily allowing them to think they’ve won by wearing a certain brand of clothing, driving a certain car, or wielding a certain phone. In my house, my boys will learn true worth is more than what they possess.

Parenting is tough. Single parenting is tough. Do It Anyway!