4 reasons your resolutions don’t work and what to do instead

4 reasons your resolutions don’t work and what to do instead

So, I’m not saying resolutions aren’t good, I’m simply saying they do not last. How many times have you made resolutions only to chuck them to the side a few weeks or, if you’re lucky, a few months later? Well, I’ll answer for you- every year. At least, I have. So, if this has been your story isn’t it time you change it?

Here are 4 reasons to chuck your resolutions:

1. They do not last
Again, I say how many y times have you started and stopped? Isn’t it time to actually finish? Make a change that you keep to yourself and you remove to accountability from friends, trainers, and family and put it on YOU. This is why I am mum on what I’m doing. You will see it in my “glow”. Find yours! It’s worth it!

2. They are too big to sustain
I’m 255 but in 2 weeks I’m going to be 200.” Now, I was stretching and not poking fun. You see, your goals must be realistic or they will be too big to sustain. Plenty people have plans online you can download to help you plot your goals realistically. Do some research and pick what you like.

3. You lose interest
Come on. No more fad diets, budgets, get rich scans, etc. I won’t call the names, but you need real change. You need mind over matter. You need to be fed up, and then it will work. You need goals you won’t forget about. Ask yourself the hard question: What do I really want? And then move.

4. You don’t mean them
What do I mean “You don’t mean it!” Well, think about all the messages you get from TV and family and friends about weight, exercise, budgets, life balance, dating, etc. As you can see part of your resolutions come from outside of you. Wouldn’t it be best to instead make permanent change? Change that you mean? If you (and I)meant them, why did we stop? Read on.

At the end of 2014. I tweeted that I would not make any New Year’s Resolutions and that I would simply make permanent change. I even said I would not share my desires. I would only do them. Now, I haven’t hit on anything you don’t already know. I am simply saying why don’t we collectively let it go and choose us. It being the wrong reasons to do what we want. Let’s choose our happiness and things that positively affect us. We don’t have to share. We just need to do it ourselves. Sure. Having a friend that you are accountable to is an excellent way to help you stay on track. And use them if you need, but do not make lofty resolutions. Make positive, doable CHANGE for YOU and your BABIES. This is what it’s about- family. You being around to be with your family. So in health, in love, in finances, at work, make change. Permanent change!

Life is hard. Busy, and sometimes stressful. But you know what, you’re going to make it.

Do It Anyway!

Love you some you today!

Love you some you today!

It has been a very busy summer here in Texas. I have, however, managed to find time to spoil myself here and there. Now, before you get to thinking I must be selfish, I have found that the little things I do for me make me happier and thus influences those around me to do the same. Finding time to be you is no crime. Needing time and not making a point to do so is. I mean, who wants to be around a crabby person?! I don’t. So, the point of this post is to say to women and men, “When was the last time you treated yourself to something you love?”. If you can’t answer this in 30 seconds, plan something today. My “lovin me” treat is a pedicure. What will yours be?

Ideas to love you some you:

1. Catch a movie alone (I like the matinee. The price and it’s never full)

2. Get a mani/pedi (girls and guys alike)

3. Spruce up the wardrobe by doing some shopping (make a budget)

4. Have a nice lunch or dinner at your fave place

5. You know you better than me, so get going and get to living!

Love you some you today. You and everyone around you will reap the benefits of your self love and care. Life will always be busy. We can find time to fill time. Why not live a little and enjoy it.

Do It Any Way!


Time Stealers

Time Stealers

Be careful of time stealers. We can never get our time back. These may be people, entertainment, unexpected interruptions that are minor, etc. Set a plan, focus on the task at hand, and execute it. As single parents, time is very precious to us. Do you have to sign up for that thing? Does your kid have to be in that thing? No. There is only one of you. And if you have free time, spend some with the ones who matter most and take time to relax and prepare for the journey ahead. Balance and finding balance as a single parent can seem impossible. But, it isn’t. Usually, we have some time stealers present, and we have to learn to let them go.

Are you someone’s time stealer? Or, are you allowing your time to be stolen? Think about it. On the journey of life, we must do our best to make the most impact. Time is a precious commodity.

Time stealers knocking on your door? Don’t answer! You’ve got a family to raise and a mark to make!

Do It Anyway- Kaydy

Why loving you is so important

Why loving you is so important

We constantly hear about the stress Americans are under and that people need to lose weight in order to maximize their lives. Those messages can be daunting and also inspiring to get up and change for the better. In the area of health, we pretty much know what to do. But, what about in the area of emotional health. Are you happy? If not, how can you start making changes? Well, you need to decide you want better and look to see what you are doing and what exactly is helping or harming you. Specifically, I want to know what have you done for YOU. Really. What do you do that allows you to woosah (relax), find your peace, enjoy your life? If you are having a hard time putting into words what you do for YOU, then you may not be doing anything. I want you to stop that NOW.

Stepping back and breathing is so important. Take stock of what and who you have, what you have on your plate, and what really needs to be done is so key to balance. In this new year of promise, I have decided to reflect as often as I can on what I am doing. To help you reflect, ask these questions:

1. Is it helping me?
. Can I do this differently?
3. Can/Should I cut something out?

And lastly,
4. Does it add value?

Number 4 is so key. If you are involved in activities that are not adding value. Seriously, you need to rethink how you are spending your time. If it is a relationship, extra work, attending or assisting with events because you can’t say NO, etc., you need to get quiet and reflect on a time when you were happy. Bring some of those activities back. If you are not adding value, but are busy, you are just busy. Make sure it counts if you do it.

Loving you will be easier when your schedule has been de-cluttered. Loving you will make you happy. Don’t look for other people to do that for you. It will only disappoint you. Loving you will help you understand others better and be more attuned to what other people are feeling. Loving you is attractive. There is a certain confidence a man or woman projects that attracts people because he/she is sure of themselves. No one walks up to unsure people. They walk up to those that look put together and have a certain “je ne-sais quoi”. Happy is attractive!

So, besides taking care of your health being a part of loving you, loving you will make you happy, add peace, give you confidence, attract friendships. It’s a win-win. Get to your happy!

Life is hard. Do it any way.- Kaydy