Why loving you is so important

Why loving you is so important

We constantly hear about the stress Americans are under and that people need to lose weight in order to maximize their lives. Those messages can be daunting and also inspiring to get up and change for the better. In the area of health, we pretty much know what to do. But, what about in the area of emotional health. Are you happy? If not, how can you start making changes? Well, you need to decide you want better and look to see what you are doing and what exactly is helping or harming you. Specifically, I want to know what have you done for YOU. Really. What do you do that allows you to woosah (relax), find your peace, enjoy your life? If you are having a hard time putting into words what you do for YOU, then you may not be doing anything. I want you to stop that NOW.

Stepping back and breathing is so important. Take stock of what and who you have, what you have on your plate, and what really needs to be done is so key to balance. In this new year of promise, I have decided to reflect as often as I can on what I am doing. To help you reflect, ask these questions:

1. Is it helping me?
. Can I do this differently?
3. Can/Should I cut something out?

And lastly,
4. Does it add value?

Number 4 is so key. If you are involved in activities that are not adding value. Seriously, you need to rethink how you are spending your time. If it is a relationship, extra work, attending or assisting with events because you can’t say NO, etc., you need to get quiet and reflect on a time when you were happy. Bring some of those activities back. If you are not adding value, but are busy, you are just busy. Make sure it counts if you do it.

Loving you will be easier when your schedule has been de-cluttered. Loving you will make you happy. Don’t look for other people to do that for you. It will only disappoint you. Loving you will help you understand others better and be more attuned to what other people are feeling. Loving you is attractive. There is a certain confidence a man or woman projects that attracts people because he/she is sure of themselves. No one walks up to unsure people. They walk up to those that look put together and have a certain “je ne-sais quoi”. Happy is attractive!

So, besides taking care of your health being a part of loving you, loving you will make you happy, add peace, give you confidence, attract friendships. It’s a win-win. Get to your happy!

Life is hard. Do it any way.- Kaydy