Prepare for delays

Prepare for delays

Life, for me, moves at a very fast pace as a single parent. However, two parent homes have the same outlook-busy. It’s hectic. Kids are in this, we have a meeting, or work, or church, etc. It’s just busy. But, we can fix this with one little word- NO. I know. How dare I! Well, it’s a must in order to live a balanced life. Even then, there will be delays, interruptions, and distractions. Let me tell you, raising little humans is not easy. It’s a beautiful privilege but it ain’t easy.

Example: Every morning we have a routine. The routine is we leave at 7 am. Everyone should be dressed, have eaten, and the kitchen clean by that time. Well, that didn’t happen a few mirnings ago. Guess who was upset about it? Right. ME. Not them. ME! And as these stories go, everything was out of order on the way to work and dropping them off. I had a choice to make- blow up or stay calm. I prayed, breathed, and said “Lord, you take this one”. Now, I can’t say I’m always this awesome, but it felt good to behave like an adult and do what I know I should first. lol! Ladies and gents, you know what I mean if you’ve ever read your child the riot act. I’m really easy to go into a diatribe instead if smoothly handle the delay, disruption, or distraction. But, we have to. This is life and the people in it with us are our heart and soul. So, how do we handle these situations? Everytime, with “Lord, I need you”. These inconveniences are going to come. Prepare for them.

That day I had a great day because I was determined not to have anything else. God blessed me through it. And I learned something. If I will always go to Him first what a better situation it will become.

So, what about you? What’s your usual delay that you can respond to (when it arises again) with calm, peace, and assurance? Hmmm.

Now, to do this next time! That is the goal for me. You know there will be a next time.

Hey, crap happens. Expect it. Move forward. Parenting is not easy.

Do It Anyway!