How being a single mom has made me better.

How being a single mom has made me better.

Where do I start? My babies made me grow up even though I thought I was grown. I thought I was a hard worker. They improved that. I thought I was fearless. They showed me how to be even more fearless like alioness protecting her cubs. (Really. You should have seen me when they said someone picked on them. It was like Optimus Prime coming to the rescue. Lol!) I acted like an adult, so no worries. But, I thought I knew love. Oh, I only understood the beginning of it. 

In their own special way, my boys grew another part of my heart. Sure, I fuss at them, talk about them yeah, but they are mine. Raising them is not easy, but it has so many good parts. If I had to do this work/ministry of parenting with their dad, I wouldn’t have been my happy, fun-loving, “lover of life” self. We were not to be. Praise God! And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. No hate. Its my truth. We could co-parent sure if that were an option. But he chose not to. C’est la vie. Es la vida. That’s life! That ain’t the point, but I say that for my sisters yet holding on to the past. 

But me! I’m great! I get to pour into my boys and they- they change me. Soften me. My hearts. So, if you’re out there whining andpining  about doing tius work/ministry alone, I want you to really get honest about what you lost. Really get honest. Look at the facts. Not the good times. All the times. Were they really that good? Were you treated with love and respect? Adored and honored? If not, keep living. Your greater hasn’t come yet. And to have it, you gotta let go. Raise your babies with all you have. You’ll see they make you better and you become open to love and live again all while becoming the you you were destined to be. 

I’m glad to be able to parent alone in peace. Thats not to say I don’t want help. I just know I have to do what I gotta do until someone worthy of all this comes along. So do you. Woman up!

Do It Anyway! 


I hope my humor and refusal to be mediocre come through in these posts. Love that you are here on the journey with me! I like to mix a little country (since I’m from Louisiana) with a little everything. 🙂