4 Signs you are too busy for your own good

4 Signs you are too busy for your own good

Have you noticed that although you are very busy, you are not getting as much done? Or, in other words, you are being busy, but you are not being effective. I have, and it is costly. Don’t get me wrong, we all have stuff that must get done. What I’m saying is learning what needs to get done now and what can get done later has to constantly be evaluated for you to be effective. There will always be interruptions. Get over it. But, every interruption is not a pivotal task to complete right now. Women, especially pride themselves on being mulit-taskers. I tout this all the time myself. But, really I’m tired. Lol. I would really like to not have to do 5 things at once all the time. I just want to do one. And what ensues when we are too busy is what the post is about.

I said to myself, “I have to start sorting these tasks”, and I did. I thought about what is priority and listed them. Then I decided which ones have to get done and which ones can wait. My life isn’t perfect, but if you have any of these signs, you gotta take a chill pill.

I have come up with 4 Signs you are doing too much or rather, how being busy is stealing your life.

1. Your mind is constantly going

Ever had this one? You go to bed but cant sleep? Your mind is racing and you cant turn it off? Yep. You are officially doing too much and need to stop it now. I had this when I was working on my Masters in Spanish. A million things to do, kids to raise, my job to plan and do, etc. Don’t mention housework and feeding myself and children. It was hectic. Until I (this was my cure) prayed. Yep. I prayed. I said to God to help me balance my life and get some sleep. From then I learned to list what I could do and start deciding what had to be done an what could wait. Oh, and of course prayer works every time!
2. You are tired, cranky, and forgetful

If you are here, you’ve got to take a 10 minute step away at least from what you are doing and “woosah”. Barking at people won’t get the tasks done. It will get you unliked quickly. We don’t want that. Get some rest. Lay the list down. I have found that when we get to forgetting things, we are going 100 miles an hour and we should be going 20. Calm down. Take a break. Maybe even a day to get clarity on what you need to do and what can wait. Only you know, but spare us the attitude. We got lists, too.
3. You know you don’t want to do the thing but can’t say NO

Oh this one right here is golden. Yes, we women especially have the inability to say this two letter word at any given moment- NO. But it is so simple and brings so much peace. Yet, we struggle. Let me tell you, if you are here, you’ve got to stop taking care of and saving everybody else’s projects and fix your own. I don’t care what it is, if you are tired, full to the brim with stuff to do, say NO! Nothing good will come of you overworking yourself but you overworking yourself. When you have to take a week off because you’re sick then what? Ok. That was extreme. Surely, you won’t get so run down from working that you wear yourself into a vacation with no fun in it? Say No instead of yes to everything that comes your way, it’ll bless you and they will find a way to still get it done. I promise.  #experience
4. Your schedule is bulging at the seams

You can look at your phone calendar and see it. Your legal pad is full. You are overwhelmed and your schedule has no room. Look, working is good. Providing for your family is good. Going all the time is not good. You’ve got to learn to balance. It is very interesting that God built in a Sabbath. He knew we would try to overdo it. So, He commanded us to rest. If you can’t keep up and you’re kind of mad about it, let something go. Sure, folks don’t like to hear “no”, but they’ll live. Rest. God said so!

Well, did any of these resonate with you? If so, “stop what you’re doing cause you’re about to ruin”…your life! Chill out! Take a chill pill. Let it go. Do you! Being busy is not winning. BEING PRODUCTIVE IS WINNING. Learn the difference.

On the road of life, it get’s tough. Schedules get hectic. Life is busy. But, guess what? You will make it!

Do It Anyway!