When you feel like quitting, keep going

When you feel like quitting, keep going

 Juggling the dream and a family is a big job and I do a good bit of it alone. Praise God for sanity, clarity, girlfriends, and mommy breaks.

But, back to why you cant quit. I just cant stop dreaming of the day when it will all make sense. When I will say, “Wow! I have arrived.” Do you feel like that? If so, that’s it! That’s what fuels me and it is what fuels you- vision, purpose, calling. Now, please don’t overdo it on the road to success. But, stay focused on work that helps you reach your goals. Soon, you’ll look up and be thankful you didn’t quit. Rest if you need. Readjust if you need. But, dont quit!!! Your dream is too good to be reconciled to only a memory. Fight To keep it alive. You deserve to see YOU WIN!

Do It Anyway!

11 thoughts on “When you feel like quitting, keep going

    1. Thanks Trish!!! I feel like we need to be honest in how we are able to overcome and be super. Lol! We sulk first, talk to our girls, and then put on our big girl undies. Haha! Then, we do it anyway!

      1. So tr u e. jf you read my blog I have been through a lot in the last ten years but, I kept getting back up and focused on being a Mother and now I have one in college and the other in HS taking AP courses…I am starting to see the results of my hard work and refusal to quit no matter how much I wanted to!

      2. Yes. I have read some of your posts. Go you!!! That’s it exactly. we have to refuse to quit to win. I have a high schooler and a middle schooler. Thank you for replying to me! Yesss! We can!

      3. It is my goal to encourage single parents…my story is one full of reasons to quit…but, I never did. The message you give is something I would have loved to have heard during those tough times!!!

      4. My God I feel tears welling. Thank you so much!!!!!! So glad you are in a great space as well to uplift. I used to say why me Lord. Now, I see why. I could handle it and they need me.

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