Sunday Soul Renewal

Sunday Soul Renewal

This is post #2 on this topic. I think I will make it a weekly theme. Be sure to comment and let me know yay or nay if you want to keep seeing it around.

Sunday is a day to relax, recharge, and rethink. Right? It is definitely a day to worship. So, no where does it say mope, regret, or sulk. Once you’ve pondered your week and hit reset, it is important to let what didn’t work go. Carrying the messups or misfires from last week or yesterday with you only weighs you down, keeps your mind distracted, and masks how awesome you were at a million other things. I’m not saying blindly look over things that need to be resolved, but if you know the problem is over, yet you still beat yourself up about it, you need to let it go.

Today is reserved for rest, family, fun, and strategic planning. No wishing to change the past allowed. Only doing. So, what will you do with your today to make a better tomorrow? What will you adjust to rock it out next time? Do that. Think on that. Hey, life’s not perfect and neither are you!

Do It Anyway!

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