Accept what God allows

Accept what God allows

“Today is a new day! Yesterday is gone never to return again.”

Sounds great right! So, what do you do with the messes, breakups, wrong turns and shoulda woulda couldas? You leave them behind and live for what is now. You say a prayer and push forward for better. For all that is right in the world, you absolutely must accept that it happened. You just can’t let it hold you prisoner. Break free, loose, and fast!

The ugly truth is you may never know why in this life, and as hard as it is, that something happened. You must accept that. Accepting that sometimes there are no immediate answers will bless you in ways I can’t describe. In other words, accept what God allows.That doesn’t make God mean or unloving. (Oh! He loves you and has a plan) Yet, sometimes crap happens. Crap that we brought on ourselves, didn’t pay attention to, or that came our way unrequested. Either way, it was allowed for a reason and a season. Aren’t you glad it wasn’t forever!? Whew!

Listen, I don’t have all the answers, but what I do know is on the other side of the pain lies a whole new purpose. You’ve just got to make it through this.  For instance, I had some rocky years as a young single mom. No one knew it, but I cried almost every night. At the time, I still loved their dad (praise God for deliverance and learning what love is), and I had to deal with him, his women, and raise my babies. Talk about having it tough! But God kept me, helped me heal from the hurt, and now all that pain is tied to my purpose. I want to help you heal. Please know there is life left for you. And, it is glorious. So, accept what has been, let go, and lets move toward better. Amen? Amen.

It’s not easy, but the happy, healthy, and healed you is waiting. Come on! Let her out! She’s beautiful, brave, and bold!

Do It Anyway!

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