Sunday Soul Renewal

Sunday Soul Renewal

Sunday is a wonderful day to worship God, fellowship with friends, and relax. I encourage you to do all 3, but after worship and fellowship, get in your quiet place and press reset. Before you begin your work week, assess what is complete,  what was good, what needs to be done, and if it is in fact, necessary. These steps will lead to reflection. Reflection will lead to improvement and improvement to production. You’ll be able to rest well and rise ready for Monday with purpose!

So, rest and reflect. You’ll be glad you did. 

Want a better start to the week? Do an assessment of your time, friends, and activities.  You may have to let some things and people go forever or for a season. I know that’s hard. But if there is a block keeping you from producing, it must grow or go. This is your life!

 Do it anyway!

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