Only Diamonds Find Diamonds

Only Diamonds Find Diamonds

You can check this out, but a very long time ago, I heard diamonds are harvested from the earth by drills that have diamonds on their tips. Now, what you and I should get from that is “Diamonds can only be brought out by other diamonds”. In other words they are so tough that it takes one to know one. Don’t give up on love. Your diamond is coming.

If dating has sent you some bad apples, don’t lose hope. If you thought you had found the one, but the fairytale has ened, do not despair. It takes a diamond to find a diamond. You just continue to be love and light. One day, love will knock again. 

You see, it is in the self-ownership of love and the expectation of it that you inspire a diamond to drill deep enough to find you. So, go on and live! Go on and love! Do not stop shining because life threw you a few cubic zirconias. Their loss. Your kindred diamond’s gain.

I believe love is a choice. Choose to love one more time. Heal if you must, but keep loving.

“But he/she hurt me”, you say. I know. 

Do It Anyway!

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