Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny

Can you taste it, smell it, see it? The “it” of which I speak is Your Destiny. If you cannot, you will not possess it. What wakes you up, keeps you up, and is always on your mind to do and make known to the world? That’s a clue. It’s called your purpose. Destiny is where performing your purpose will take you. We all have one. Some of us are too scared to walk in our purpose, some are still trying to figure it out, and others just Do It Anyway! Which one are you? 

Don’t feel bad if you’re afraid. Afraid is good energy misdirected. Instead of focusing on the “how”, focus on your “why” and “The Who” which is God because God will guide you. I know it’s scary, but trust me, you want to go on this journey. So, say yes today to a journey you can’t see, to the details being hidden, and to the glimpse of glory He’s given you. 

Go on, start the best chapter of your life. You chasing your destiny will impact many for good. You not chasing your destiny leaves all those folks untouched. Don’t you want to be a light, a blessing, a difference maker? 

Life is so hard at times and full of difficult decisions. Choose the ones that give you peace even if the details are blurry. Go on, live, chase, do!

Do It Anyway!

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