Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Sometimes life hits you from the side and you fall. You didn’t see that job ending, the relationship disintegrating , or your friends walking away. It hurts when we lose the ones we love. Maybe they didn’t leave. Maybe it’s just strained. To all these I say “keep moving”.

One thing life has taught me is that if I hit the ugly stuff head on, it won’t last as long as dragging it out by procrastinating or wishing it away. You’ve got to push through these ugly stages as full of grace and tact as you can muster, with tears in your eyes, and exhausted. Find the strength to push through. Keep moving. Treat them well, speak your peace, and move on.

You are only responsible for you and can only change you. Interesting isn’t it? We as humans try to change others. Won’t work. Been there. Done that. Can’t love them enough, spoil them enough, put them first enough, etc. Crap will happen. People will leave. You know what? Take heart because you only want what stays. You want to love the ones who will stay and work it through, who support you, and will move through life with you. That’s how you know who belongs in your tribe.

So, what is it you need to move on from today? Only you know what it is. I’ve had to let friendships go and relationships go and in life I’ve moved careers. Hey, it wasn’t easy, but it was best. I’m not saying make any rash decisions, but you must evaluate where you are and what you’re doing. If it’s not the right fit and you’ve done all you can- MOVE.

Life’s not easy. Decisions are hard. Being a grown up is tough.

Do It Anyway!

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