So you messed up. Keep going!

So you messed up. Keep going!

I hear a lot of people putting themselves down lately. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as here with this lovely blog ), and people, as social media is- share. They share their journey. I listen. I try to encourage. All our journeys have expiration dates. Don’t let your life expire un-lived wallowing in the past. See, I have had my ups and downs, too. But, I just want it known that life being hard does not mean it’s reason for you to stay stuck in a repeated self defeating state. You are more than a mistake. Get up! Get going! And live! God says to His creation we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Believe that and live!

No one knows your whole journey and it’s none of our business. But, you are still here and that means you survived. So, you messed up! Keep going. We all made mistakes. That’s life. You must learn from them, never commit them again, and move forward. What goals do you have? Work on them. What dreams do you dream? Bring them to life? Who is in your corner? Love them. What are you blessed with right now? Appreciate it.

No wallowing in self pity. Get up and get going. Life is to be lived. Motivated yet? Good!

Do It Anyway!

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