Are your kids defiant?

Are your kids defiant?

I write this post tonight shortly after having told my son to give me his PS3. The rule is they go to bed and all electronics go off. Do you know he took 10 minutes and I had to go in there to get it? Rules are made to be followed. Right. Well, this mama doesn’t play. So, his choice was he and the PS3 could go wherever they wanted, but in my house people go to bed. Of course, he gave me the game, but the problem is the time he took and how he just stood there perplexed as to why he had to give up his game. He’s about to be 15 and so it begins. Defiance. Or, close to it.
“The becoming a man but still having to listen to your mom dilemma” has begun.

I decided to share this because this blog is all about inspiring single parents in life, love, and faith. Well, life as the sole parent isn’t always easy. And if you can relate, I encourage you Uh yo stand your gtound. They are kids. You are the adult and you know best. In my case, they sneak and use it during the night and can’t get up in the mornings.  So, when I figured out why they were dragging, I figured out they were just pretending to be sleep.

Wow!  PRETENDING! That hurt me. I had to talk to them. Have you had that? If so, let’s dialogue. This blog is for support and tips. Here for you.

Single parenting is hard.
Do It Anyway!


2 thoughts on “Are your kids defiant?

    1. Ye, we should! Sigh. Lol! The reward is properly prepared kids who will one day stand on their own as men. That is what I’m working towards. Thanks fir commenting!

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