Focusing on What Really Matters

Focusing on What Really Matters

Recent events in the news have made me more aware of my humanity. I mean I know some day I will die, but like everyone else, I figured I had decades. I’ve seen families lose loved ones, and some are their children. This should not be so! No parent should have to bury their child. None. What a terrible time they must be having. Let’s pray for these families. For our country. Let’s support them any way we can. In our very own communities, people are in need. It’s time to be of help. I volunteer at my church and serve food at a shelter. This is the perfect time to help others. Even in your singleness. Find a way to give back. We can focus on the negative or we can increase the positive.

And, with this in mind, let’s try hard to fuss less at your kids and let go of what isn’t necessary. I encourage you to build memories. Life is short. Let’s resolve to love hard, live as big as we can, and focus on what matters. Go smell the roses when you feel like fussing. I’m not saying don’t parent. I’m saying not everything deserves a word. Let’s love our babies hard and focus on what matters.

Life sucks. Single parenting sucks. But, you’re gonna make it. #doitanyway

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