Happy, Healthy, and Healed

Happy, Healthy, and Healed

Some of us didn’t amicably part ways or lose a spouse to death. We went through pain, and now, we parent alone. How did we get to be so happy, healthy, and healed. Well, first off, we all have a journey. Some longer than others. But you get healed with the passage of time and seeing him/her for who they really are. And then, letting go. Being bitter won’t solve a thing. Forgive. Your kids need you and you need you. So, you are present and you give parenting all you’ve got. That’s it. Every day you show up for you and your babies. Every day you refuse to have a pity party. Every day you work on your dreams (you know the ones you had that you gave up and now are free to chase). You work on you- loving you, strengthening you, finding you. You get healed by keeping on living. It may not be fair but you have no choice. You love your babies. They deserve better. You make it happen. So, no matter how you got here, you don’t stay here.

You ARE happy, healthy, and healed. You just haven’t realized it yet. Look up. It gets better. I promise.

Oh yeah, single parenting sucks sometimes, but you’re gonna make it. The rest of your life is waiting for you to live it. So, go for it. Single and all. LIVE!

Do It Anyway!

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