Reject the Pressure to Do It All

Reject the Pressure to Do It All

We modern women like to say we’re Super women when, in fact, we are women who simply do what we have to in order to survive. I have had to say NO many times in my life to participating in “good” things. But I learned that if I did not resist doing everything, I would wear myself down. Are you struggling to “do it all”? If so, let me help you: Just say no to what you do not have to do. Sure, it feels good to help out. It even looks good. But who are you fooling? You’re busy enough with your own load. Rest when you know you need it.

As women, our job list keeps growing. We are expected to keep a clean home, take care of spouses and kids, and many of us have jobs. Enough is enough. SAY NO! No more helping when you’re at your breaking point. Try it- “No”. See! Not as painful as it seemed. As human beings we need to rest, to do things for ourselves, to have adult conversation, etc. Reject that little voice that wants to make you feel guilty. Listen instead to your body and say NO.

I took a break today. It felt goooood. Did you? I said no today to a great opportunity. But I knew it would be a burden and a sleep stealer, so I passed.

Life isn’t easy. But let’s not add to the list if things to do. Take a break any way!

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