What to do when you’re waiting on your promise.

What to do when you’re waiting on your promise.

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Do you ever feel like you have so much to accomplish, you’ve been working toward it, but it hasn’t come yet? I do. Do you know within your heart of hearts that God has told you He would give you the dream job, good spouse, a child, etc. but, it hasn’t come? Unfortunately, you know what it feels like to wait on your promise. What do I mean by promise? Well, I believe we all have been given a purpose from God to make our lives (and others we touch) better, greater, more impactful and amazing. I believe there are things we are supposed to do to make sure our purpose is fulfilled.

As a Christian, I believe that in fulfilling my purpose certain promises are mine.  When it comes to my promise from God, I have found it hard to WAIT for it to get here. I want it NOW or better said, YESTERDAY. But, we don’t always get what we want, and oddly enough, that becomes a good thing. Do you want to just arrive at your promise, take hold of the dream, and just enjoy that blessed place? Well, life is (to be frank) not easy. Life has to play out so we can learn the lessons we need . The delay prepares us for when we receive the promise. It insures that we appreciate it. It’s doable. Right?  But, it’s won’t be easy. Life can seemingly take us ALL the way around the mountain and back before a promise we had previously been given is fulfilled. Why? Well, my theory is we’re just not ready for it yet. After the ups and downs and waiting we will be. So, what do you do in the meantime until your promise arrives? Here are 4 ways to utilize your time wisely and wait on God for promise:

  1. Work while you wait

It is imperative that you continue working in your purpose. Only you know what that is. Working in this instance is not a distraction. It is you focused on doing what you love and have a strong desire to complete and do well. If you would like to delve deeper to find out what is your purpose, go here http://wp.me/p4a1FR-af. But, this time is not idle time. It is you being busy doing what you were born to do as you serve, your promise, Prince or Princess will come. 

  1. Believe it’s coming

Faith is critical to this process of waiting. If your faith is weak, you will struggle during this season. Even when it looks like it will not happen, you have to believe it will. This, after all, is your promise. Surely you can believe for what belongs to you? Your faith in this moment is the determining factor to how well you cope when it doesn’t happen right away. And we can look around us at people who received their promise late in life, yet they kept the faith (i.e. Abraham)

  1. Prepare yourself and your life for the promise

Self-preparation is key. You can receive a vision at 19 but not possess your promise until 29 because you are not prepared. If you know you desire to be a CEO and God has shown you that He will bless you, then you need to prepare yourself for that role. You can’t just stop learning and growing at 19. You have to keep preparing yourself. So it is with your promise. In the waiting period, prepare yourself for the greatness that is to come. If it is a spouse, a new job, a family, etc. prepare for these new blessings to enter your life. In other words, if you are single but want a mate, you have to prepare to share your life, be realistic about the changes to come, and be open to being self-less. If it is to have a higher paying job or run your own company, you must get the necessary education, train, prepare, groom yourself for the position. Having a mentor in the field is an excellent idea as well depending on your scenario. Whatever it is that you know you have been promised, prepare for it so that you can treat it well when it arrives.

  1. Be a blessing to others in the meantime

 Lastly, in waiting on your promise, spend time giving back to others. This will give you time to reflect on your blessings and help you stay motivated and excited about what is to come. It will also help you appreciate the blessings that you currently have. This may involve you sharing your story and encouraging them. You could volunteer at a shelter, donate to charity, etc. Just be a blessing.

In conclusion, looking to possess a promise always comes with responsibility. When we are blessed it is to bless someone else through us. The waiting period can seem like forever, but God knows best. At just the right time, He will provide your promise. What you do in the meantime may directly affect its arrival time. What’s in you? What can you use to bless others while you wait? Ponder these things and prepare. It’s on the way!

Do It Any Way!

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