I’m breaking up with the idea of a clean house

I’m breaking up with the idea of a clean house

I struggle. Oh, how I struggle! My house does not look how I pictured it. Ever. Instead of the perfection I thought I’d have when I dreamed of my my first abode, I have two out of three smelly rooms due to having two smelly boys. I have struggled for years to reconcile my ideal image of perfection with reality. To no avail.

I give up. Let me share why. I grew up with folks who were able to keep a home spotless from sun up to sundown with children roaming to and fro. So, that’s my normal. Well, it was. Now, it’s just my unattainable goal that stresses me out. No matter how I fuss, get us all involved in the cleaning, assign tasks, etc., it doesn’t stay clean longer than a day. And truth be told, no longer than that hope-filled two hours of cleaning. Aaaarrrrhggghhhh!

So, I’ve decided to break up with that ideal. Just like when you have the boyfriend who isn’t good to you has to kick rocks, so it is with this ideal I can’t attain. Or should I say refuse to chase.

I realize that a spotless house, put away dishes, and perfectly made beds fit for a magazine was my mom’s normal- not mine. Why? How did she do it? Because I was helping, my grandparents were helping. It’s me and two boys whose idea of clean is not having as many clothes on the floor today as yesterday. Do I still make them clean? Heck yes! Will I beat myself up for not having 24 hours of spotlessness? No. No more. No más. I’m instead going to live and enjoy the moments I can. And I will commit to instead of seeing the house half clean- it will be only half dirty. Progress! My house is only half perfect. And that’s okay with me.

What about you? Do you struggle with house perfection? Let’s talk!

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