The Inner Voice…are you listening

The Inner Voice…are you listening

As I look at how I’ve matured over the years, the accomplishments I’ve made in life, family, and work, I realize that one thing has kept me going. That singular motivator is my inborn drive or instinct to “Do It Anyway”. This inner prompting I credit to God alone. Who else programmed us to know when something is wrong or to go after a certain dream?

Speaking of instinct, the awesome and very popular Bishop T. D. Jakes has recently published a book titled “Instinct: Unleashing Your Inborn Drive”. I am reading it and love it. He puts into words that thing I’ve been trying to describe all these years. Well, to sum it up, I just use my catchphrase “Do It Anyway!”. You know, it’s that refusal to give up and the internal “keep going” you hear when you want to just drop it all. I hear it quietly speak to me, “Get up.”, “Don’t quit”, and “You can do this”. It’s the tenacity that kicks in after you’ve been down too long. You know the “Is this really all you’ve got” voice. Thank goodness for this voice. Thank goodness for instinct. Now, we just need to listen to ourselves more. Tough decisions will come. Sleepless nights will happen. Bills will be many and money few at some point. And in my case, a kid will go off the beaten path to drive you bonkers. But, do you lie down and whine or do you get up and Do It Anyway? Your future depends on how you respond. Are you listening?


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