Children need parents not more friends

Children need parents not more friends

Today, I received a reminder that parenting is hard. Not just single parenting, but parenting in general. Short story: My elder boy was sleeping in class. His teacher assigned him a 0. She may or may not have been shocked by my reply, but reply I did. It went something like this: ‘Good! And give him a detention, as well.’ You see, I’m not my kids’ friend. I’m their mother. Parenting means a little tough love every now and again will undoubtedly occur. He also is losing his cell phone and no PS3 for remainder of school year. Oh that’s not mean! That’s the consequence of staying up late when you were told to go to bed. It is also the added consequence of disrespecting an adult by sleeping in their class when they’ve planned a good lesson to teach you.

So, why this post? I share this to say if your kid makes silly choices, you’re not alone. If you are your kids friend, you need to stop. What happens when you’ve gone years without assigning consequences designed to deter negative behavior? Oh yeah! What happens is they go into adulthood with no limits, no respect, and are oblivious to why their lack of manners is offensive.

Please, parent your children while you can. They have enough friends.

Parenting is tough. Do It Anyway!


2 thoughts on “Children need parents not more friends

    1. Hi! Thank you for that. History repeats itself. Can’t people see how “other” peoples kids turned out that were spoiled and had no boundaries? Not in my house.

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