Negativity Has To Go

Negativity Has To Go

I have learned to use my gifts. One of my gifts is “The Gift of Good-bye”. You say, “Is that really a gift?” No, but I use my power to remove negative people from my space. It is amazing how people will drain you with their negative outlook. I’m not saying we can’t have bad moments. I’m saying that if your negative “moment” has turned into your overall disposition, then you are not welcome in my circle. Parenting, single parenting, and life in general are hard enough. Get rid of negative people! I don’t mean you have to say to them, “Bye Nancy! You’re too negative”, but, you do need to separate yourself from them for a while. Help them if you can. But, if you cannot, separate. Life is too short to be burdened with negativity. You were made to soar, to live life to the full. If they don’t want to join you, cut them lose (in a nice way).

I have learned to release people and feed them with a “long handled spoon”. This translates as “be cordial, but don’t share your hopes, dreams, and personal problems with them”. These folks are not in your life to lift you up. Only to slow you down.

Too scared to cut them off? Do It Anyway!

I can feel the peace in the air. Don’t you feel better?

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