When your child doesn’t wanna go

When your child doesn’t wanna go

This morning, my older boy said church isn’t fun and why does he have to go. Hmmm. This comes after his getting a PS3 for Christmas and an iPhone. We can imagine how school, chores, anything pales in comparison to those two. So, I said to him, “You’re going and church is about worship and understanding God’s love for us. We bring the fun.’ Was it hard to say that? Nope! This is my house. I’m the parent. I know what’s best. I also know that faith in Jesus is the best gift I can give and really he has to do that alone (develop his faith). But, I will not have him stop going because there aren’t the bells and whistles he thinks church should have. The foundation he needs to make it in life is found in his relationship to God. I won’t allow my child to be lost because he temporarily doesn’t see the point of corporately worshipping God. As for me and my house, we will serve The LORD.

Single parenting is hard. Do It Anyway!


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