The hard times of parenting

The hard times of parenting

Parenting is a joy, a blessing, a gift. I love it. My boys are hands-down my greatest achievements. Period. But, sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it. Hear me, I am being candid to help somebody. This week was going great, except for the constant refusals to go to bed on time or get up on time. Now, these aren’t verbal because let’s face it- Mama don’t paly that. But, they were actions. Luckily, I wasn’t late for work, but I had grown weary of the reminding, repeating, nagging (I know), etc. So, I resolved to do the thing I know works- I took all their fun away. Yep! “Give me all things electronic”, I said. Sad faces ensued. But, guess what? My little angels miraculously were able to get up on time and go to bed on time in hopes of seeing the return of their treasured Play Station and Iphone. Hmmm. Might I be on to something? Yes. It’s called parenting. Sure it hurt me to leave them unconnected to the world for days (I’ve even taken things for weeks). The point is they learn that there is a line and they have to walk it. My kiddos are older, preteen and teen, so the days of spanking have gone and taking items or events away works best. You have to decide what works best for you and your child.

In the end, the take away is that kids need parents- not friends. If I was worried about whether they liked me every moment, I’d be ineffective. Because they know I mean what I say, they do what I say. You have to prove yourself or you’ll trade places and be the kid.  Grow up and raise your child. If you don’t, life will. And I refuse to raise anything other than great men.

Parenting is really hard. Do It Any Way!


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