My boys are growing up…

Xmas 2009

As I sit and ponder this sad, wonderful truth (I know oxymoron), the images of the chubby fellows laughing and playing as best buds run through my mind. I can see them now with food on their faces eating and laughing. These days, I get sad missing the “baby stage”. But, this stage and all the others in between have been beautiful, too. I have to remind myself that they grow up and soon they will be men. My job is to help them be ready for the next stage- the man stage. I am a woman and know only how to be a woman. But, I can surround them with good male role models that can teach them to make wise, godly decisions. This is my task. I can continue to be the best mom I can and let them become who they are. All these years of imparting my wisdom will not be lost. Life will happen and they will think on one of my sayings or better yet call me to hear it straight from the “horse’s mouth”. So, let me be what I can and do what I can to help them. Even though I want them to stay babies, they will become men. Question is- What kind of man will they be? I pray a godly one, a hard-working one, a provider, a listener, a comforter to his family, a GOOD MAN.

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