5 Simple Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams

5 Simple Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams

As I sat pondering my goals and dreams today, I remembered one of my favorite aunts who’s now in her 60’s. In her day, she put any female basketball player to shame. She is a WNBA never been and a should be coach. Why isn’t she? She was too afraid to see it through. Growing up in the Civil Rights era when people of color were being lynched, she was a stud on the court. She had the opportunity to go to college but opted to go to work at a factory instead. It was close to home. You know, safe. Her story reminds me of why I must chase my dreams. I don’t want to live with regrets. Yes, she made out just fine, worked a good job, and is now retired. But, what memories did she forfeit? What experiences did she deprive herself of? I tell you she could stand at any spot on the court when I was a kid and never miss a basket. She was in her 30’s and early 40’s still schooling everyone and had a hook shot that was as smooth as butter. Wow! For the world to have missed this talent is unfair.

Moral of the story: You owe it to yourself to see what your dreams will become.

So, here are 5 simple steps to fulfilling your dreams:
1. Start.
Pick now and don’t get side-tracked. Your happiness is worth it.
2. Set simple goals first.
Make a plan. Set goals and dates that each goal should be reached. This will keep you on track.
3. Find a way.
Do not let life, excuses, money/lack thereof or people hinder you. Have faith and push through. There is always a way. Breathe and use that entrepreneurial spirit.
4. Seek others for advice.
If you need an accountability partner to stay on track/someone who gets your dream, or even a mentor in the same field, do your research and connect with them. I always say ‘Friends are for the journey’. Well, if your friends don’t get your dream, Do It Any Way! Just find someone else who is willing to help you. Most successful people can tell you about the ones who didn’t believe in them who are now baffled at their accomplishments. So, if the ones you want do not support you, go where you are supported and celebrated.
5. Think about the alternative.
If you do not give yourself a chance to see what you can create, you will regret it. Do you want that? No. Live. Try. Do. You will be happy you did.

Best of luck on the journey!


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