Carpe diem

Carpe diem

When I was in high school, I took Latin. I enjoyed it. But, because no one speaks it, I’ve forgotten most of what I learned. Except- Carpe Diem. As most of us know, it means “Seize the day”. Movies have used it. Our favorite professors have used it. It’s been around the world and back as a mantra of sorts to go forth and do. We hear it. It sounds good. But, do we do? We should.

What if 2014 is the year you write that book, or I start that business? What if they are both successful endeavors? Well, we will never know unless we…. You guessed it! Seize the Day.

Rest. Or stay up all night. Whatever you do, you must dream and make steps that you can follow to tackle that dream. I sure am. What if it doesn’t pan out? What if we both fail? Well, we will have “Carpe Diemed” instead of backing down to fear and uncertainty. We will have lived.

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