Being Thankful

Being Thankful

I wrote a wonderful post last night about being thankful and somehow deleted it. So now I’ll try to recap that wonderfulness lost in cyberspace. I am finding that no matter my situation- work issues, stress all around, finances, waiting for Mr. Wright, raising wonderful citizens of the world, etc. that I need to be thankful for what I have. I am learning to prepare for life to be hard and to not let it catch me off guard. This ok because Jesus has overcome the world and I have Him living inside me. As a Christian, this is what I know. So, why am I stressing and preoccupied? I don’t know either. So, I’m declaring here and now to be thankful no matter what is happening and to let my inside transform my outside experiences. Yes, I choose to be thankful. Thankful when things are not going well. Thankful. It’s a choice. What do  you choose?

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