Christmas ponderings

Christmas ponderings

As I get ready to be off for two weeks, I’m thinking of how I still haven’t wrapped gifts to put under the tree (which is up thankfully). I’ve been busy doing life, and oh you know, working, raising children, running here and there, and everything else in between. But, I pause to say, what is most important to me? My family. I need to put that in perspective and work on it just as much as I do everything else. So, let me wrap these presents at 3:34 a.m. so mine can be surprised and know they actually have gifts. Lol!

I’m also reminded of the Gift God gave to us in Jesus. Not getting lost in the fun and fluff of the holiday is important to me. I want to remember the reason for the season- God came down to take my place to save me by dying on an old rugged cross. He started out as a babe and went through life just like me- had hardships, endured poverty, mistreatment, etc. He made it and so can I! Selah.

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