When the kids don’t listen

When the kids don’t listen

I know I am not the only one who has children that think every other adult has the golden answers to life but me! It’s amazing how I have been raising them and teaching them (their whole lives), but some coach or new teacher comes along every year and steals my thunder. I used to get my feelings hurt behind this until I realized- I did it, too. I idolized my favorite teacher, Mrs. Fields. Oh, she could do no wrong. Lol! In retrospect, she was simply reinforcing what had been put into me by the best people in the world. Amazing how we devalue the advice of those close to us and run toward that of people we barely know. Amazing. Welp, like us, our kids will learn that we were great and excellent and awesome in the best ways we knew how. Until then, don’t take it so hard when Mrs. Rheinhart teaches them that “sharing is caring”. I know you said the same thing last night and the day before and oh yeah, all their lives, but it’s a phase. It’s called childhood. So, hold your tongue and smile when they tell you what they learned at school. I know you taught them to not litter since they were tots. It’s Mrs. Rheinhart though. Smile and listen any way.

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