Loneliness is an attitude and not necessarily a state

Loneliness is an attitude and not necessarily a state

I know. You say loneliness is very much a state. You are correct. But, it does not have to be. As a single parent (dating or not), the holidays can be hard. One, the children may or may not have contact with the other parent. Two, you may or may not be dating. And three, it’s just hard all around. I say that you must step up and fight the feeling to be lonely and whine and mope about no one to love. You have family, you have friends, and you have your kids. Until that person for you comes along, you have to choose to say that what you have is enough. You have to be thankful for what you do have. I have found that I meet the most amazing people when I’m happy and unconcerned about what I do not have. Great things and people just happen. So, this holiday season, don’t focus on the lonely. Focus on the wealth of love you have from your support system. If you do not have one, open up just a little and let someone in. Friends are for the journey. No friends? Take a day and do something you’ve always wanted to with you kids but you never had the time. I think you will find that life can get better. It will get better. It does get better. Want to waddle in loneliness and stay in? Not an option. Go live. Do. Be. Single parenting is hard. Do it anyway!

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