Life can be hard. Find balance.

Life can be hard. Find balance.

We all have issues at times in life. It’s life. That in and of itself equates to- not all roses and puppies and whatever else is sweet all the time. And we, as single parents, get to feel double the weight it seems when life hits. For example, the job is demanding, bills are many, rest is few, and life is constantly asking more of you. How do you find balance? Well, this is a learned reaction after failing many times. But, I say we have to learn to have the gift of “not right now”. We have to be able to see what is urgent and what is just a need. We only have two hands and we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our babies. I like to turn off my phone when I get home and I know I’ve done enough. I even go as far as making sure not to turn on the computer or television and go straight to my room (my retreat, my space, my zone). I have a 10 minute “mommy decompress” time built in for days that are just too much. My boys know I need it and let me have it. When I come out, I am ready to cook and interact with them. This isn’t every day but on those days when life has become a little crappy, it’s good to pull out the “let me hang with me” moments. I think this method is better than taking things out on the wrong ones- the ones we love. Now, if you have reacted the wrong way, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just do better. Take care of you. Find your balance. It’ll get better when you do.

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