Single parenting is a blessing

Single parenting is a blessing

My first post touched on the difficulty associated with one parent homes. And all here can agree that it is- difficult at times to run  a home with only one adult. I do want to add that there are so many wonderful moments, however, in parenting that we do have to remind ourselves of as well as our childless friends. Having children is a blessing. They enrich your life in ways you would never expect and they make you grow in areas where you were weak. Now, you didn’t know you were weak. You, like me, thought parenting would be a piece of cake. Lol! Yeah, we were fooled good! Right? Yes. Children make you laugh and keep a smile on your face. As babies, those little fingers and feet. And oh! That smile, that laugh, the way they know just your smell. The cooing. Then they start walking, and pulling things down they can reach. I remember one of my boys getting eggs somehow and saying. “Here!” as if I had really asked him to get me one. You can’t help but laugh at these moments. Unexpected and funny.

So, we have to just enjoy the moments that come. The little things end up being the biggest blessings.

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