Sinlge parenting is hard

Sinlge parenting is hard

Hello all single parents looking for a little help along the journey! I’m very excited to write my first post. I’ve been thinking about blogging for years but often wondered how to get started. Well, here I am. Being a single parent myself, I have had some trying times raising my boys alone. When they were little, I would wonder where to find resources to help me get organized, balanced, and connected with others like me. So, I decided that I would create a blog to help single parents “survive”. People who aren’t single parents will cringe at my use of the word survive. But, the truth is that we sometimes feel overwhelmed doing the job of two people. We need a place to vent and to be inspired, too. I hope we can connect and inspire each other on the journey of life with this blog. I leave you with a few words of inspiration.

Single parenting is hard. Do it anyway. When you no longer have the energy and you’re falling asleep on your five year old trying to help him do his homework, muster some strength and do it anyway. When you’ve messed up and forgotten to get that “thingy” they need for their science project because you have a million things on your list, lighten up.  Wal-Mart is open 24 hours. Breathe. In the end, your child will remember that you were there, and you did your best for them- every time. None of us remember trivial things like not having glasses for Hawaii dress-up day and thus we doomed our mom or dad (or both) to “parent hell”. No, we remember the moments that count like how mom waited on us hand and foot when we were sick with the flu or scared after watching that movie she advised us not to. Cheer up! You got this! Single parenting is hard. Do it anyway.

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